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Meats & Perishables 

Steps to import perishables

  • Review of licenses and / or certificates necessary for importing the product.
  • Cargo analysis to determine transit time, route and modes of transport that best suit your shipment.
  • Determination of the packaging indicated for the transport of your product.
  • Search for the most suitable transport for your product, considering the maximum volume allowed, facilities to maintain the cold chain and time in transit on the route.
  • Comparison of services found to choose the best option.
  • Study and implementation of times, from cut-off to delivery to the transport line, to avoid delays in the logistics chain.
  • Permits required to import perishables to Mexico
  • Before being able to import perishable goods into Mexican territory, authorization must be requested from the competent authorities, since before arrival, all documentation will be checked to ensure that it is in order and that the required processes have been carried out. Once the permit is obtained, the authority must be notified of the estimated arrival date, so that if an inspection is necessary, it can be scheduled in time. Once the inspection has been carried out, all import formalities can be carried out before customs. It is important that you know that all future shipments will be available for a new inspection, if the authority so requires.

Steps to export perishables

  • Review of the documents required by the country to which the shipment will be made.
  • Analysis of transport options to choose the most optimal for the product.
  • Determine the type of packaging to use, depending on the type of transport that has been chosen.
  • Ask the line, airline or shipping company for acceptance to transport the product.
  • Carry out customs clearance.
  • Proceed with the shipment.
  • Permits needed to export perishables from mexico
  • The first thing you should check with the authorities is if the merchandise you are going to export is allowed in the country you want to enter. Likewise, you must request the documentation and / or certifications required for the importation of your products to their final destination.
  • There are quality certifications issued by different organizations, which allow the exporter to have more facilities to market their products abroad.

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